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How to reach us
By car

1. From north via the A2 motorway (from Lucerne): you leave the motorway at the exit Flüelen and follow the signs toward Klausenpass.

2. From north via the Axenstrasse (from Zürich, Schwyz): at the end of the bypass tunnel of Flüelen, you follow the signs toward Klausenpass.

3. From south via the A2 motorway (from Ticino and Gotthard): you leave the motorway at the exit Erstfeld and follow the signs toward Klausenpass.

After passing the village of Bürglen, you will see soon on the left hand side the cable car Biel-Kinzig.

public transport

You can reach us also easily by public transport:

By train (Inter Regio) to Flüelen and from there by bus to Altdorf Telldenkmal, change bus  to Bürglen-Brügg.

Or by the S-Bahn (local train) to Altdorf and from there by bus to Bürglen-Brügg. The postal car Flüelen – Klausen Pass – Linthal stops also in Bürglen Brügg.